Bringing the Singularity to the Enterprise

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What We Do

Data Science

We have the Data Science background to analyze your operations and identify key opportunities for improvement.

Applied Mathematics

We have the manufacturing, engineering, computer science, applied physics and algorithms background to design cost-effective improvements to hardware, software, procedures and operations.

Problem Solving

We have the experience and the know-how to find root cause and assure that improvements are implemented rapidly and effectively.

Our Services

Dimensional Metrology

We are seasoned metrology professionals. We use NIST-traceable FARO laser trackers. We can tackle even the most challenging measuring jobs. Our data analysis skills are world class.

  • Measurement Jobs: We use NIST-traceable high precision FARO laser trackers and articulated arms. We take care of everything--the measurements, the analysis and the reporting. You avoid the cost of buying you own hardware.
  • Hardware Acquisition Support: Do you need a CMM or laser tracker or laser scanner or articulated arm but don't know where to start? We can help you find the most cost effective system for your needs.
  • Complex Measurements Support: Have a complicated measuring job where schedules and accuracy matter? We can help with planning, execution and data analysis.
  • Training: Do you own a metrology system but don't know how to get the best accuracy? We offer metrology training services.
  • Diagnosis: Do you have a metrology system that is broken and don't know what is wrong? We can find the problem.
  • Expert Witness Support: Do you have a legal proceeding that involves measurement accuracy? We can provide the expertise.

Manufacturing Services

Need a competitive edge? We know how to make manufacturing more cost-effective. You get a better product, built more cheaply. You gain a competitive edge.

  • Automation/Robotics: We analyze your processes and develop cost-effective solutions.
  • Optimization: We gather data and mine it, then develop solutions to improve throughput and product quality.
  • Troubleshooting: We analyze your operations to find the root cause of product anomalies.

Operations Services

We will look at your processes, and we will find opportunities for improvement.

  • We will use advanced statistics and data mining techniques to find bottlenecks.
  • We will analyze the data and give you solutions.
  • Solutions range from streamlining to automation and algorithms and robotics.
  • Your business becomes more competitive.

New Product Development

We will review your business with you and help you find new opportunities.

  • We will analyze your strengths and your markets using cutting edge data science methods.
  • We will identify new market opportunities.
  • We will look for areas that you can move into with minimum additional investment.
  • We will work with your team to develop new product ideas.

Data Mining

Confused by your data? Overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of data? Let us look at it for you. We know how to find the signal in the noise.

  • We know how to sift through terabytes of data to find opportunities for improvement and new markets and new product opportunities.
  • We know how to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.
  • We can analyze data from your customers to find their top problems.

Artificial Intelligence

Bring AI and machine learning into your products. We will show you how and help you make it happen.

  • We use computers and robotics and algorithms to extend the abilities of your employees.
  • AI does the heavy lifting and the repetitive tasks.
  • Your employees direct the AI.
  • Employees become more productive and more fulfilled.

Automation and Robotics

Want more automation in your operations? Want to reduce opportunities for error in your processes? Want to reduce costs? We can help.

  • Humans are best and happiest when doing non-repetitive tasks.
  • Robots and computers excel at repetitive tasks.
  • We let each do what they do best.
  • You get a better product, manufactured more cheaply.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Singularity?
  • It is the point in history where artificial intelligence truly takes off.
  • It includes high powered mathematics, algorithms and statistical tools.
  • It is a way to solve seemingly intractable problems.
What does Cramer Consulting do?

We diagnose and solve the most difficult industrial problems.

Why Cramer Consulting?
  • We will use the power of the Singularity to solve your problem.
  • We have the know-how to solve the most difficult problems.
  • We will make your business more competitive.
What's so special about Cramer Consulting?
  • We know the physics.
  • We know the math.
  • We know the statistics.
  • We know computer science.
  • We know business and industry.
  • This combined knowledge allows us to attack virtually any problem.
  • We know how to find the root cause.
  • We will make your business better.
  • Any new IP belongs to you. We just ask that our name be included.
What areas is Cramer Consulting experienced in?
  • Research and Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Industrial Metrology
  • Machine Vision
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Algorithm Architecture
  • Databases
  • Statistics
  • New Product Development
  • Application Development
Is there a low-risk way to try Cramer Consulting?
  • Yes. Give us a small pilot project as a starter.
  • We will charge a low introductory rate.
  • We are certain we can help you.
What can Cramer Consulting do for successful businesses?

Even the most successful businesses have operational inefficiencies, manufacturing issues, product development problems, and unanalyzed data. There is always an opportunity to improve your company and grow your business.

  • We will help you identify gaps for improvement within your organization.
  • We will research, design and implement solutions to fix these problem areas.
  • We will improve your business in the present and help you plan for the future.
I am interested. What do I do next?