About Us

Who We Are

We live in the time of the Singularity. The Singularity means artificial intelligence. It means algorithms. It means constant change. It means an ever increasing pace of change. It means stasis is failure.

Every enterprise needs to stay on top of the Singularity. Every enterprise can benefit from the Singularity. We know how to make this happen. Our goal is to bring the benefits of the Singularity to our clients. We can make any enterprise more competitive.

We firmly believe that the future can and will be better than the present. Better for everybody.

Meet The Founder

Peter G. Cramer is a proven developer of original algorithmic solutions to challenging technical problems. Peter is an expert in techniques of mathematical optimization, statistics, data mining, automation, dimensional metrology, machine vision, machine learning, numerical methods, Monte Carlo methods, Kalman filters and robot kinematics. He is also widely experienced in physics, engineering, computer science and applied mathematics in government, academic and commercial settings. Peter has a demonstrated ability to attract, motivate and lead teams of highly talented individuals. He is a builder of consensus and camaraderie.

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Our Skills
Mathematical Optimization
Statistics / Data Science
Manufacturing / Automation / Robotics
Machine Vision / Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Numerical Methods
Embedded Systems
Dimensional Metrology
Sensors / Calibration / Compensation Algorithms
LIDAR / State Estimation / Filtering Algorithms
C, C++, Java, Mathematica, LabView, Matlab, Fortran
Relational Databases / SQL
Uncertainty Budgets / Error Estimation
Design of Experiments
ISO-9000, ISO-17025, Six Sigma