We have done it.

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Core Services

Dimensional Metrology

We perform high precision measurements, special purpose algorithms/software, and data reduction services.

Manufacturing Services

We analyze your company's production processes to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement.

Operations Services

We survey your operational processes for inefficiencies and propose impactful solutions to help your organization.

New Product Development

We will review your business to help you discover potential revenue streams and new growth opportunities.

Data Mining

Confused by your data? Overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of data? Let us look at it for you. We know how to find the signal in the noise.

Artificial Intelligence

Bring the powers of AI and machine learning into your products and business. We will show you how and help you make it happen.

Automation & Robotics

Want more automation in your operations? Want to reduce error in your processes? Want to reduce costs? We can help.

Think we can help your business?

Whether you have a project idea or just want to discuss what's possible, get in touch with us today!


Other Services


We offer training courses in C, C++, Java and Mathematica.

Training is live and can be at your site or via screen sharing.

We are knowledgeable, experienced teachers.

Legal/Expert Witness Support

If you are involved with a legal proceeding having to do with arcane issues of high tech, we can help sort out the complexities.

Advanced Algorithm Development

If you have a project that requires new algorithms to be developed and don’t want to hire a full time employee, we can help.

The IP is yours, we just ask that our name be included.

Error Analysis & Error Reduction

Errors are inherent in every manufacturing process. We will help assure that the errors in your process do not overwhelm you.

If you build a measuring device, we will find ways to make the device more accurate and more reliable and yet less costly to build.